Monday, December 22, 2008


Sunday, September 21, 2008

More White kites a flying

Hey I went back to the beach to fly my kite today but there wasn't quite enough wind. Well I thought this was a go opportunity to go over and meet this guy, so I did. His name is Barry Smith from Portland and his friend Chuck and Chuck dog Bear(pet him and hes your friend). We hit it off great and I spent the rest of the day hanging out learning all sorts of things from them. About flying kites, finding out we grew up in the same area in California, etc.
Another Great day!!!
Got a better video of Barry flying his kites.

White kites a flying

And a Little extra too (oops) As you Will here I was impressed!!!

Weekend get away to Long Beach WA.

It all strated here at the Driftwood RV Park!!!
They have free cable and WiFi (aka I'm useing now)
Fast too. Way better than Home
TODO List fix Internet!!!
I slept in a little then got to work on the computer doing stuff.
Then off to ride the go carts and fly my kites!!!
Check this guy out sitting down relaxing flying a kite.

See the 2 white kites check out the video I have on those.
One guy flies both at the same time. Rumor has it he can fly 3 at a time.
Really Cool!!!
Here's my setup
Look I have a chair also! (nice one too)
With DMB playing in the back ground while flying!
The conditions were great yesterday
For those of you who know I used the both kites and didn't have to get either fixed!
I know that's pretty good for me!
I was there from 1pm to 6pm had a great time Flying and watching
half the time I flying while relaxing in my chair!!!

Well Back to camp to fix dinner and do a little Blogging!
Maybe a movie
gota love this camping stuff (haha!!!)
Tomorrow is another day let see what it brings
More flying and relaxing I hope!!!

Music & Video from DMB 4

Music & Video from DMB 3

Music & Video from DMB 2

Music & Video from DMB 1

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Gorge Amphitheater W/ DMB

(above)I the distance is the Stage!!!
(below) is the campground

Setting up camp
The Tee Pee worked out to be a great land mark at midnight after the concert !!!

The Stage

Remember the TEE PEE !
The Famous GORGE VIEW!!!!!!!
The wet people after the Rain after all its the northwest!!!
The Stage at night Live!!!

Notice the 2 screens

OH the morning after!!!!

Time to head home

Looking back up the river to the AmphitheaterThe bridge at Vantage
The bridge at Vantage

I will remember this bridge, because after it. Its up hill 5%to 6% grade for ten miles!!!
If you are pulling a trailer it is a long ways!

That pretty much sums it up for this trip!

Ps: there's next year!!!


One of the other things I wanted to see on the way was STONEHENGE.
This replica was built by Sam Hill as a WWI monument.
Read the history in the picture (3rd below)
II set this up so you can read it.
(double click on the photo so you can read it!!!)
Take a look!!!

Mary Hill

Until I figure this out (double click) on the photos to get to a different view of the slide show