Sunday, September 21, 2008

More White kites a flying

Hey I went back to the beach to fly my kite today but there wasn't quite enough wind. Well I thought this was a go opportunity to go over and meet this guy, so I did. His name is Barry Smith from Portland and his friend Chuck and Chuck dog Bear(pet him and hes your friend). We hit it off great and I spent the rest of the day hanging out learning all sorts of things from them. About flying kites, finding out we grew up in the same area in California, etc.
Another Great day!!!
Got a better video of Barry flying his kites.


Chad said...

We are awed at your incredible journey's. We are not worthy of such blogging skill. The student has become the master. Love Chad and Tiff

liberty said...

Hi Jim, Hey this is Barry Smith. Thanks for your kind words here my friend about my flying and also thank you for the time you spent visiting with chuck and I at Long Beach. Call me when you can or I will just have to call you...Ha Ha!! Blessings, Barry ( hey lets go fly some kites sometime soon)