Friday, September 19, 2008

The DMB journey begins!!!

This where it all started from. Mile marker 109 @Ruffus.
On I84 one exit pass the Biggs Bridge exit 104

Thats the Biggs Bridge down there

(3rd below)There is air between that guy and the water look a little harder!!! Cool A Look at his air Wow!!!

I woke up and they came Wow!!! This my view out the trailer door

I spent the day hanging out watching these guys do there thing. Later on I found out in Goldendale they have a 24inch telescope open to the public. With viewings from 8pm to midnight looking at different things. Like Jupiter,nebula's, moon, galaxies, etc. There was a campground at the bottom of the hill (how convenient!!! $15) In the morning it was off to the concert approx 150 mile up river.

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We Barretts said...

Great photos Jim-Bob! Maybe Cary can go next time!